Some things to know about Kickstarter:

  • Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site. This means that you help us to produce the game. The game is all ready to be produced, and as soon as the Kickstarter ends successfully, we will start the production
  • You need a creditcard to back a project. No paypal, no Ideal, only creditcard. If we do not make our target, no money will be withdrawn from the creditcard. Only if we make our target, money will be taken from your card when the campaign has ended, and we are going to produce the game.
  • If you do not have a creditcard, best to find someone who does, and who also likes games. If that is not an option, contact us for other options.
  • You can change your pledge any time during the campaign. That means, you can also cancel it. But do not do that, we do not like that. What we suggest is you find friends and upgrade your “one game of Kwintessens” to “Five games of Kwintessens” option!
  • Kickstarter now allows guest pledges. This means you do not need to create an account. Read more.