Puerto Diablo is a game for 2-5 players taking you on an adventure in the Caribean around 1660.

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It’s 1663. On the small isle of Puerto Diablo, a dangerous and exciting journey is about to begin, that will lead the players through a world of pirates, cursed gold, superstition and pious soldiers,
Help the characters in this game to sail from harbour to harbour, overcome challenges and collect as many milestones as they can!

Puerto Diablo is a card game that consists of 220 cards and can be played by two to five people. The playing time is 30 minutes per player.

The players will have to debate and cooperate to advance, but … there can only be one winner. Alliances will be short lived. Heartless betrayal can win you the game, but could also turn against you at the worst possible moment.

The journey begins here:

The game explained:

Continue here: www.puertodiablo.nl!